ECOM produces biostimulants from botanical extracts, an effective alternative to conventional synthetic pesticides

The biostimulants that ECOM produces and markets are made entirely from botanical extracts.

They are liquid extracts that plants absorb easily, and they work by stimulating the natural defense system of plants, strengthening them so they can better withstand unfavorable conditions, infestations and disease.


  • The formulas contained in ECOM’s products are the result of our own research and development.
  • Guaranteed technical and scientific quality.
  • Produced in-house.

European Regional Development Fund: A way to make Europe

ECOM Fitoinnovación S.L., within the framework of the ICEX Next Export Initiation Program, has had the support of ICEX and with the co-financing of the European FEDER fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.