ECOM Garden Micronutrient fertiliser Revitalising Liquid

ECOM GARDEN SOIL AND ROOTS is a liquid revitalising fertiliser with trace elements and micronutrients
with a vegetable origin for vigorous growth and balanced plant growth.


Made with yarrow and nettle, it promotes root health and development and provides the essential minerals plants need for proper blooming and green, bright and healthy leaves.  It does not damage the microfauna of the soil of your garden, it favors, stimulates and promotes a better exchange of nutrients between your plant and the soil. 


Shake the bottle, dilute the suggested amount of fertiliser with water and water the plants. Use in the early morning or early evening. Recommended for use all year round and during all phases of plant growth.


Dose Application
For maintenance from March to October  70 ml/L ( a cap full) Dilute the dose in one liter of water.  Water the plants once a week.
For maintenance from November to February  70 ml/L ( a cap full) Dilute the dose in one liter of water.  Water the plants once a month.
To rescue plants when you notice spareness or weakness  14oml/L ( two cap fulls) Dilute the dose in one liter of water. Water the plants twice a week.  Continue with the amount suggested for maintenance.


Concentrated container of 1 liter. Available on request in larger volumes.


Botanical extracts of yarrow (Achillea millefolium) and nettle (Urtica dioica). Easy to absorb water soluble iron, magnesium and trace element rich micronutrients; pH 6.5.

ECOM GARDEN SOIL & ROOTS is safe and harmless for humans and pets.


ECOM Garden Micronutrient fertiliser Revitalising Liquid

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